100 Solid Top MLM Companies

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100 Solid Top MLM Companies


As Business For Home we often get the question: “I am looking for a solid legit opportunity to make a living, I live outside the USA, what do you guys advice?”

Our company database has over 700 Direct Selling companies from all over the world and in our opinion every prospect should do its own ‘due diligence” therefore the answer is not easy.

It depends also on what products of services you like, what kind of risk you want to take, as there is always a chance a company can go out of business, especially with starters, your motivation, if you need a lot of leadership, or if you are a self starter. Do you want to build local or global? The compensation plan can be a party plan or person-to-person.

You might want to check out the Business For Home Recommended distributors, professionals who have a specific business opportunity.

To help the 1 million people who are visiting this website to look for information for an opportunity we have selected around 100 strong opportunities, around the world, based on our own opinion.

Some are active only in the USA, other are expanding, some are in nearly all international markets, some have health products, others jewelry, or internet driven services.

Consider below list as a first selection, a long list, we encourage YOU to do your own due diligence which is a fancy word for “Research” and to produce a short list.

Company Country Website CEO
4Life Research USA http://www.4life.com Steve Tew
ACN USA http://www.acninc.com Greg Provenzano
Advocare USA Richard H. Wright
Alliance In Motion PHILIPPINES Ed Cabantog
Amway USA Steve Van Andel & Doug DeVos
ARIIX USA http://www.ariix.com Fred Cooper
ASEA USA http://www.asea.net Chuck Funke
Avon USA http://www.avoncompany.com Sheri S. McCoy
bHIP Global USA http://www.bhipglobal.com Terry LaCore
Boresha International USA http://web.archive.org/web/20160718063440/http://www.boreshainternational.com:80/ George M. Najjar
Brain Abundance USA http://www.brainabundance.com Eric Caprarese
DoTerra USA http://www.doterra.com David Sterling
DXN Global USA http://www.dxn2u.com Lim Siow Jin
Empower Network USA http://www.empowernetwork.com Jonathan Cronstedt
Enagic USA http://www.enagic.com Hironari Oshiro
Essante Organics USA http://www.essanteorganics.com Michael Wenniger
Evolv Health USA http://web.archive.org/web/20160531112943/http://www.evolvhealth.com:80/? Brent Hicks
Exfuze USA http://www.exfuze.com Don Cotton
FM Group POLAND http://www.fmworld.com Artur Trawinski
Forever Living Products USA http://www.foreverliving.com Rex G. Maughan
ForeverGreen – FgXpress USA http://www.forevergreen.org Ron Williams
Fuxion USA http://www.usafuxion.net Alvaro Zuniga Benavides
G1E USA http://www.g1e.com Rick Maaike
Gano Excel MY http://www.ganoexcel.com Leow Soon
Global Wealth Trade CANADA http://www.globalwealthtrade.com Ramin Mesgarlou
GVO USA http://www.gogvo.com Joel Therien
Herbalife USA http://www.herbalife.com Michael O. Johnson
Immunotec Research CANADA http://www.immunotec.com Charles L. Orr
Isagenix USA http://www.isagenix.com Jim Coover
It Works! Global USA http://www.myitworks.com Mark Pentecost
Javita USA http://www.javita.com Stan Cherelstein
Jeunesse Global USA Wendy Lewis
Juice Plus+ USA http://www.juiceplus.com Jay Martin
Kannaway USA http://www.kannaway.com Jeff Rogers
Kyani USA http://www.kyani.net Michael Breshears
Le-Vel USA http://www.le-vel.com Paul Gravette
Life Plus USA http://www.lifeplus.com Bob Lemon
Life Vantage USA http://www.lifevantage.com Douglas Robinson
Live Wave USA http://www.lifewave.com David Schmidt
LR Health and Beauty GERMANY http://www.lrworld.com Jens Abend
Mannatech USA http://www.mannatech.com Robert A Sinnott
Mary Kay USA http://www.marykay.com David Holl
Mega Holdings HONG KONG http://www.megaholdings.org Michael Cheng
Melaleuca USA http://www.melaleuca.com Frank VanderSloot
Monavie – Mynt USA http://web.archive.org/web/20160815133244/https://monavie.com/ Mauricio Bellora
Morinda USA http://www.morinda.com Kerry Asay
Nature’s Sunshine Products USA http://www.naturessunshine.com Gregory L. Probert
Nerium International USA http://www.nerium.com Jeff Olson
Nikken USA http://www.nikken.com Kurt Fulle
Nu Skin USA http://www.nuskin.com Truman Hunt
Nucerity International USA Lonnie McKinney
Nuriche USA David Parker
Organo Gold CANADA http://www.organogold.com Bernie Chua
Oriflame SWEDEN http://www.oriflame.com Magnus Bramdtrom
Origami Owl USA http://www.origamiowl.com Bella Weems
PartyLite USA http://www.partylite.com Robert B. Goergen
Perfectly Posh USA http://www.perfectlyposh.com Ann Dalton
Plexus Worldwide USA http://www.plexusworldwide.com Tarl Robinson
PM International GERMANY http://www.pm-international.com Rolf Sorg
Premier Designs USA http://www.premierdesigns.com Andy Horner
Purium Health Products USA http://www.puriumcorp.com David Sandoval
Qivana USA http://www.qivana.com Derek Hall
QNet MALYASIA http://www.qnet.net JR Mayer
QSciences USA http://www.qsciences.com Marc Wilson
Rodan and Fields USA http://www.rodanandfields.com Lori Bush
Sanki Global USA http://www.sankiglobal.com Alejandro Lopez Tello
Scentsy USA http://www.scentsy.com/ Orville Thompson
Seacret Direct USA http://www.seacretdirect.com Izhak Ben Shabat
Sevenpoint2 USA http://www.sevenpoint2.com Jason Boreyko
Shaklee USA http://www.shaklee.com Roger Barnett
Shopping Sherlock USA http://www.shoppingsherlock.com Michael Wiedder
Sisel International USA Tom Mower
Skinny Body Care USA http://www.skinnybodycare.com Ben Glinsky
SoZo Global USA http://www.sozoglobal.com Mark Adams
Stampin’ Up! USA http://www.stampinup.com Shelli Gardner
Stella & Dot USA http://www.stelladot.com Jessica Herrin
Stemtech USA Ray Carter
Sunrider USA http://www.sunrider.com Tei-Fu Chen
Synergy Worldwide USA http://www.synergyworldwide.com Dan Higginson
Talk Fusion USA http://www.talkfusion.com Bob Reina
The Limu Company USA http://www.thelimucompany.com/ Gary Raser
Thirty One Gifts USA http://www.thirtyonegifts.com Cindy Monroe
Total Life Changes USA http://www.totallifechanges.com Jack Fallon
Trevo USA http://www.trevocorporate.com Mark Stevens
Unicity Int. USA http://www.unicity.com Stewart Hughes
USANA Health Sciences USA Dave Wentz
Vemma USA http://www.vemma.com BK Boreyko
ViSalus Sciences USA Ryan Blair
Visi USA http://www.visi-global.com Kent Lewis
WOR(l)D GN UNITED KINGDOM http://www.worldgmn.com Fabio Galdi
WorldVentures USA http://www.worldventures.com Mike Azcue
Xyngular USA http://www.xyngular.com Mark Walker
Young Living Essential Oils USA http://www.youngliving.com Gary Young
Youngevity USA http://www.youngevity.com Steve Wallach
Younique USA http://www.youniqueproducts.com Melanie Maxfield Huscroft
Zija International USA http://www.drinklifein.com Rodney Larsen
Zrii USA http://www.zrii.com A.K. Khalil


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