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Immigrants Go Broke With Herbalife Business Opportunity

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Immigrants Go Broke With Herbalife Business Opportunity

Herbalife Victims Speak Out

When you look at the incredible percentage of people that make no money with Herbalife, it can be hard to place a face with those numbers. The company itself admits that only 11 percent of its “distributors” ever make a dime. Today I want to give you the faces of people to go with those numbers.













With the huge amounts of money that these people are losing it would seem that the Herbalife business opportunity is not a low cost or low risk option for them.

Herbalife claims on the company’s website that they guarantee refunds on “all products in re-saleable condition that were purchased within the prior 12 months,” including the cost of shipping.

How can people lose money with this kind of refund policy? You are encouraged to open the products and try them and give samples to others.

Also, there is another rule that you need to know about.  That rule is the 70% rule.  It says the following:

The 70% Rule: In any given month, a Member must sell to retail customers, and/or sell at wholesale to downline Members, at least 70% of the total value of Herbalife products they hold for resale, in order to qualify for TAB Team and to earn and receive Royalty Overrides and Production Bonus for that month’s business.

If you have certified that you have resold 70% of your products each month to qualify for commissions, how are you going to return 70% of the products you have purchased? You will not have much to return at the end of 12 months.

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