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MLM Data

Now pump up your network marketing business with the help of tailored prospect lists. Each of our fresh detailed mlm database will help you reach to the people who are involved with network Marketing business in India. The database includes contact numbers and emails ids. This is a fresh MLM database. This database has many sheets which includes mobile numbers, names, address and in some sheets you will also find MLM Leaders mobile numbers from their respective states.

Through various marketing studies, the researchers have come down to a conclusion that if you communicate with 100 people, only 10 will respond to you positively and only 2-3% will work with you. After looking at the database you, yourself can estimate how much business is there for you to explore.

Reasons for you to buy this database:

  • Its a fresh data.
  • Instantly you can reach to many networkers in India.
  • If you want to increase your reach to the other parts of India.
  • New Network Marketing company from the very first day can use this data base for the pre-launch.
  • If you compare the price of this data with the prevalent market rates, its dirt cheap.


we will Create your Account and you can send SMS from your LAPTOP as per your convenience.

100 SMS ₹100 1000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
500 SMS ₹300 2000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
1000 SMS ₹700 5000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
2000 SMS ₹1000 10000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
3500 SMS ₹1500 20000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
5000 SMS ₹2000 30000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
6000 SMS ₹2500 40000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
7000 SMS ₹3000 50000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
10000 SMS ₹4000 60000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
25000 SMS ₹5000 80000 Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders
40000 SMS ₹7000 1 Lakh Mobile Numbers of MLM Leaders

Category 1 Helping Plans: MLM Database of 55,000 People of Helping Plans.

Category 2 Investment Plans: MLM database of 30,000 people of Daily growth based plans-Bitcoin/USD/Payza/STP/Perfect Money.

Category 3 MLM-Network Marketing-Affiliate Marketing: MLM Database of 60,000 people.

Your SMS will be delivered to  DND numbers and 24 Hours -No time restrictions even on 3 AM.

We guaranteed 100% in delivering your SMS.

We do not promise or give nay kind of Guarantee Signups/Joinings in your Business its depend on your Personal effort and skills and Opportunity.


Call: +91-9312610998


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