Pershing Square Releases Ninth in a Series of Videos Showing Herbalife’s False and Misleading Claims Continue

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. (“Pershing Square”) today released the ninth in a series of videos showing that Herbalife continues to make false and misleading claims about its fraudulent business opportunity to entice new recruits into its pyramid scheme. The videos are available at

With social media, Herbalife distributors’ false and misleading claims spread quickly online. The claims then remain easily accessible online for years. Today’s video features a webinar that was posted to YouTube in June 2016.

In today’s video, Herbalife distributor Manuel Garcia, claims: “You decide how much you want to make. … and I’m pretty sure with this, that you can actually reach your independence and make your dreams come true…”

Herbalife’s compensation plan incentivizes recruiting which fosters misleading and fraudulent distributor behavior. Herbalife remains a pernicious pyramid scheme in which 99% of distributors earn less than minimum wage and 86% earn $0 from the company.

A company is deemed a pyramid scheme if the participants make money primarily from recruiting rather than sales to actual customers.

To watch the videos and learn more about Herbalife visit:

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