10,000+ Attendees At OneCoin – OneLife Network Convention in Bangkok

10,000+ Attendees At OneCoin – OneLife Network Convention in Bangkok
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10,000+ Attendees At OneCoin – OneLife Network Convention in Bangkok


It seems cryptocurrency OneCoinOneLife Network is growing faster then ever, a growing number of leading network marketing professionals are joining the opportunity.

More than 10,000+ people will attend the sold out OneLife Network Mastermind convention in Bangkok, Thailand.

This event will feature company updates, training, performed by some of the top network leaders, OneLife executives and market leaders and key speakers who will provide market insights and leadership advice for all guests.

As of September 2016 more than 2,3 million members have sign up with OneLife Network. OneCoin was officially separated from its marketing network, which is rebranded as OneLife Network (OLN)

OneLife.eu is the online hub for the network of over 2,3 million OneCoin users. The OneLife Network website provides information about new products, such as the first physical OneCoin product – the OneTablet, which was also unveiled at the global event.

OneAcademy.eu is the new website for OneCoin’s a suite of innovative cryptocurrency educational materials. The 6-training courses are newly-remodeled to reflect the latest financial trends, and some of the most successful international business experts demystify cryptocurrency by providing OneAcademy students with illuminating lessons.

“We built a billion-euro company that is present in over 190 countries and 6 continents, and we’re showing the world we are much more than just a cryptocurrency”, said OneCoin founder and visionary Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

“We are extremely proud of our new developments and will continue to innovate, improve and excel”.

OneCoin Top Earners per month earnings on file:

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