Network Marketing The Second-Biggest Industry In Utah With $8.5+ Billion In Revenue
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Network Marketing The Second-Biggest Industry In Utah With $8.5+ Billion In Revenue

Network Marketing The Second-Biggest Industry In Utah With $8.5+ Billion In Revenue
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Network Marketing The Second-Biggest Industry In Utah With $8.5+ Billion In Revenue

Utah in the USA and its capital Salt Lake City is famous for its world-class ski resorts, nature and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

Beyond that, however, Utah has a lesser-known claim to fame: It is the unofficial world capital of multi-level marketing and direct sales companies.

There are at least 100 Network Marketing companies in Utah alone, generating est $8.5 + Billion in annual revenue and making direct sales the second-biggest industry in Utah behind tourism, according to Loren Israelsen, executive director of the Utah-based United Natural Products Alliance.

Under corporate executives there is a strong “Old Boys network culture” many executives have worked with each other in different companies, helping each other to success.

Top earners such as Ken and Carol Porter with life time earnings of $28 million, Steve and Melyn Campbell $26 Million, Nathan Ricks $50 million and Mark Comer $17 Million are Utah based residents.

Per capita, Utah has more MLMs than any other state.“It must have something to do with the way LDS culture works in the valley,” said Ann Dalton, CEO of the beauty product direct-seller Perfectly Posh, from her Salt Lake City office.

Connections fostered in LDS communities, said Dalton, create a hotbed for businesses with a social sharing model. The prevalence of national and international missions by young men and women for the LDS church, she speculates, plays a huge role.

“You get a lot of return missionaries who speak every language on the planet, then all of a sudden you have a sales force that’s very well connected,”

she said. “They’re connecting with their friends, they know the languages, they’re tech savvy. That’s my untested theory.”

Kirk Jowers, VP of corporate relations and European markets at doTERRA, agrees.

“It would be very difficult for doTERRA to experience the success it’s had in any other state,” Jowers said of the essential oils company, which boasts more than 50,000 doTERRA consultants, or “wellness advocates,” in Utah alone.

“We are able to run a global office out of Utah, with 1,900 employees communicating in, literally, more than 100 languages.”

For Alyx Garner, Lipsense lipstick consultant and mother of two, the prevalence of MLMs in Utah is about more than an educated Mormon sales force.

“There’s so much pressure in LDS culture to be a stay-at-home mom,” said Garner, a devout Mormon who took up direct sales while raising her children.

The numbers back up Garner’s claim: Utah has one of the highest concentration of stay-at-home mothers in the country, according to a national study by the New York Times, which estimates 46 percent of prime-age women in Provo are not working, while 8 percent of men are not.

Garner estimates about 75 percent of Utah women she knows are involved in direct sales, some because they want to stay in the workforce and others because they want to contribute to household income.

These women, Garner said, turned to direct sales companies as a way to bring in money and still work around motherhood’s demanding schedule.

“A lot of moms still want to contribute financially to the home and help their husbands,”

Garner has eight sellers in her “downline.” For those who don’t speak MLM, that means she has eight people she personally recruited to sell products underneath her, earning her a small commission from their sales. Last month, she made about $1,000 in profit from personal sales and an additional $250 in commission from downline sellers.

“That’s pretty small,” Garner explained. “For now, it’s more about getting discounts on products and making some profit from what I’m selling. Down the line, if I’m one of those people who can make $12,000 a month with a million people under me, that would be cool.”

“Women are starting businesses more and more,” Dalton said.

“Things like this are really appealing because it lets them do it on their own terms, around their family, around another job. That’s very important to me.”

Utah based Companies in the Business For Home database with 2015 revenue, $1 million means “not available”.

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OneCoin Dealshaker Merchant Exhibition In Rumania Visited By Thousands

OneCoin Dealshaker Merchant Exhibition In Rumania Visited By Thousands
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OneCoin Dealshaker Merchant Exhibition In Rumania Visited By Thousands

Last week, the first business fair for merchants oriented to alternative methods of payment was held in Rumania. Specifically, this was an exhibition involving merchants registered on the online trading platform DealShaker.

The DealShaker is an e-commerce platform that supports payments in OneCoins, which also was the preferred payment method for sales at this particular fair organized by OneLife Blue Diamonds Cristi Calina and Marian Grigore.

During the weekend of 2 to 4 June, products that ranged from cosmetics, food, fashion, jewellery, art and some services could be purchased paying half or full of its price in OneCoins. Services, such as limousine rentals or dental hygiene sessions, spread over more than 150 stands throughout the RomExpo in Bucharest.

Thousands of people visited the RomExpo during the three days of the exhibition and bought all types of products. The sales turnover exceeded the equivalent value of more than one million euros.

It is also worth mentioning that over the last week, the DealShaker platform has experienced a significant increase of new registered merchants and new offers published after the success of the 3 Day Kickstart Marathon.

Many merchants present at the fair agreed on how this three-day event helped both promote their own products and popularize the type of commerce and the alternative payment method. Although the products are not usually physical, the payment is also made and approved digitally, with just a few touches on the screen of your mobile.

The national and local media, up to more than 30, had been echoing this event starting days before it and many covered the fair, both in the press and on television, due to the unusual nature of a fair, where most of the money is produced online, but that comes to create a trend that will soon be repeated either in Bucharest or elsewhere in the world.

In addition, it should be noted that among the merchants and participants, there were not only representatives of the DealShaker community in Rumania, but also business people of more than 35 different nationalities. Speaking of the visitors, it’s difficult to know exactly, but many members of the community of users of the OneCoin cryptocurrency from other countries wanted to attend this first of its kind fair. Led by the current CEO of OneCoin cryptocurrency company, Pierre Arens.

Other well-known members of the OneLife and OneCoin community who have been visiting and buying at the stands were the Crown Diamond Simon Lee, the Australian Blue Diamonds Steve Condos and Filomena Mazzaferro, the Australian-Vietnamese Blue Diamond Thanh Duong, the world leaders Yasir Mirza and Maximilian Messner, the italian Diamond Ilenia Turelli and her team-mates Tsoni Goranov, Ivan Tzvetkov and Luca Miatton.

Black Diamonds Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, both ranked number 2 in the Top Earners rating on Business For Home, as well as the OneLife European Ambassador Kari Wahlroos who, in addition to visiting the site, exposed some information on the main stage.

About OneCoin – OneLife

The OneLife Network is a network marketing company, an exclusive membership club dedicated to financial education and providing a work-from-home opportunity to its members. The OneLife Network is constantly growing its portfolio of products and services and expanding outside education in order to provide new opportunities to its members. The OneLife Network is part of the OneCoin ecosystem and allows its members to mine and trade with OneCoin. For more information, please visit

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Mannatech Finds Most Other Aloe Vera Products Are Missing Clinical Trials

Mannatech Finds Most Other Aloe Vera Products Are Missing Clinical Trials
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Mannatech Finds Most Other Aloe Vera Products Are Missing Clinical Trials

Mannatech®, Incorporated (NASDAQ: MTEX), which provides top-quality nutritional supplements for families in China through its website, provides one of the rarest derivatives of the legendary aloe vera plant that serves as the basis for many of its innovative health and wellness products.

For more than 20 years, Mannatech has included a pure, exclusively refined ingredient derived from the gel of the aloe vera plant called “Manapol® powder.”

Manapol powder is an essential ingredient in core Mannatech Glyconutritional products. Mannatech’s Advanced Ambrotose® powder and Ambrotose Complex powder are among the company’s top-selling products containing this aloe vera gel extract, and are known for their cognitive, immune and gastrointestinal benefits as well as cellular communication support.

There are many companies that sell products based on aloe vera gel. Some make boastful claims about what their products can do, but what most of these companies are missing are the clinical trials that scientifically validate their products.

This is just one of a number of advantages that Mannatech provides its customers compared to almost all of its competitors, which helps to ensure that the wellness promises made are real and substantiated.

Since its founding, Mannatech has invested more than $50 million in research and development that includes a clinical testing program for its nutritional technology.

In fact, Mannatech’s product technology has been the subject of 17 human clinical trials that have been published, 12 of which were double-blind, placebo-controlled studies—the gold standard for product validation.

With Mannatech’s rigorous testing and quality controls, its products are known for their effectiveness at supporting the health and wellness of its customers.

“Mannatech takes great pains to ensure that we provide scientifically-backed product technology that is clinically tested. This is critical for our products that include aloe vera because we want to ensure we are delivering what we promise,”

said Alfredo “Al” Bala, CEO and President of Mannatech.

“Customers of many other companies are taking a gamble on the effectiveness of their purchases, but with Mannatech, there is no such risk. We have the best suppliers, quality controls from the farm to the finished product and clinical trials to support the safety and efficacy of our product technology that few can match. Our message is that, if the company you purchase your aloe vera-based supplements from hasn’t conducted clinical trials, you should be wary of what is being claimed and what you are buying.”

Mannatech takes extraordinary steps to provide its customers with real, beneficial aloe vera-based products. This includes transparency down to the plant in the ground. A big part of the transparency promise Mannatech makes is tied to the technology and supply Mannatech has painstakingly developed through the years. For example, recently Mannatech announced it has secured its continuing source of premium Manapol powder with an exclusive deal with Natural Aloe Costa Rica.

Finally, the company is proud to have a Global Scientific Advisory Board, made up of physicians, scientists and researchers from around the world. These experts take part in Mannatech’s commitment to scientific validation and ensure that its customers have top scientific minds supporting their needs.

For more information about Mannatech and its products, please visit

About Mannatech

Mannatech, Incorporated, offers a profound wellness experience that makes a difference in the lives of people across the world. Through its innovative Glyconutrition products, Mannatech changes lives, providing an unprecedented level of natural wellness, freedom and purpose. With more than 20 years of experience and operations in 26 markets^, Mannatech is committed to transforming lives. For more information, visit

Customers who invite other customers to the Mannatech China cross border e-commerce site gain rewards for future product purchases or cash redemption. The e-commerce business model is not multi-level marketing or direct selling.

Mannatech’s cross-border e-commerce model in China is a different opportunity from Mannatech’s MLM business in other markets. Our cross-border e-commerce model in China is not an MLM or direct selling business.

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Youngevity Announces Reverse Stock Split; Prepares for NASDAQ Listing

Youngevity Announces Reverse Stock Split; Prepares for NASDAQ Listing
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Youngevity International, the Chula Vista, Calif.-based omni-direct lifestyle company, has filed a Certificate of Amendment to its Certificate of Incorporation to implement a 1 for 20 reverse stock split of the company’s authorized, issued and outstanding common stock in preparation for its proposed listing of its common stock on the NASDAQ Capital Market.

The reverse split—which was approved by the company’s stockholders on February 23, 2017, followed by a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors—will become effective with the Financial Industry Regulatory Industry (FINRA), and in the marketplace today, June 7, whereupon the shares will begin trading on a split adjusted basis under the symbol “YGYID,” with a “D” to be added for 20 trading days to signify that the reverse split has occurred. After that time, the company’s ticker symbol will once again be “YGYI.” Youngevity’s transfer agent, Fidelity Transfer, will act as exchange agent for the reverse split. Youngevity stockholders will receive forms and notices to exchange their existing shares for new shares from the exchange agent or their brokers.

If approved, the NASDAQ listing is expected to facilitate greater liquidity in the stock as well as enable broader market access to the investment community as many participants have been unable to purchase stock listed on the OTCQX, where Youngevity is currently listed. The company believes it will meet the requirements for listing its common stock on the NASDAQ Capital Market; however, before any listing of the common stock on the NASDAQ Capital Market could occur, NASDAQ will need to approve Youngevity’s application for listing after the reverse stock split is completed. There can be no assurance that the company’s application will be approved.

“Over the years our philosophy was to build the business of Youngevity, and the value built would be reflected by our share price,” said Steve Wallach, Co-Founder and CEO of Youngevity. “The NASDAQ up-listing is expected to advance that opportunity by positioning Youngevity with a much wider spectrum of investors. Potential investors who were unable to consider participation in an investment in Youngevity will now have the opportunity to do so. We strongly believe that up-listing to the NASDAQ truly creates an opportunity that, up until now, has not been available for many.”

Youngevity President and CFO Dave Briskie added, “It has always been our vision to list Youngevity on a major exchange. We are extremely gratified to execute this reverse split in anticipation of an exciting transition to the NASDAQ Capital Markets Exchange. We believe that listing on the NASDAQ is pivotal for attracting a larger and more diverse shareholder base going forward. At this time, we would also like to express our gratitude to current shareholders who have exhibited loyalty and patience as Youngevity has undertaken this process.”

06/10/2017 |

Using a Smell Test to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease

Using a Smell Test to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease
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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathology appears to start in the part of the brain that handles smell before subsequently spreading to additional brain regions and then, ultimately, taking over much of the rest of the brain. This led some to speculate that Alzheimer’s disease may begin in the nose. Perhaps there’s some environmental agent that might enter the brain through some portal in the nostrils?

This is the so-called olfactory vector hypothesis. The anatomy of the nose is well suited for the transfer of things directly into the brain, since the olfactory nerves that stick out into the nose project directly into the brain, bypassing the blood-brain barrier. The nose was actually a major infection route for the polio virus. Public health officials started cauterizing the nasal passages of schoolchildren by spraying caustic chemicals up their noses in an effort to prevent the disease.

The concern is if people breathe in some ionized metals like aluminum dust, for example, it could be transported into the brain through these olfactory nerves at a rate of about 2 millimeters an hour, which is practically 2 inches a day. Doubt has been cast on this theory, however, by a case report of a woman born with a birth defect in which she had no smell nerves yet still developed Alzheimer’s-like pathology. And so, to date, all the supporting evidence is really just circumstantial. It is clear, though, that changes in the sense of smell are among the first clinical signs of Alzheimer’s, occurring during the preclinical phase—that is, before there’s any noticeable cognitive decline. Could we use these changes to predict or diagnose the disease?

For years, researchers have been trying to find markers of brain illness hidden in people’s ability to smell using all sorts of fancy gadgets. For example, functional MRI scans can detect differences in brain activation in response to an odor. In my video, Peanut Butter Smell Test for Alzheimer’s, you can see the responses to lavender. You’ll see a representation of a normal brain’s responses to the odor versus an Alzheimer’s brain. This unequivocally demonstrates that we can pick up changes in smell function due to Alzheimer’s. But, do we really need a million-dollar machine?

An ingenious group of researchers at the University of Florida discovered all we may need is some peanut butter and a ruler.

Considering that the left side of the brain primarily processes what we smell through our left nostril and the right side of our brain covers the right nostril, and understanding that Alzheimer’s strikes the left side more than the right, what if you performed the following experiment: Close your eyes and mouth, breathe normally through the nose, then close one nostril, and hold a foot-long ruler out from the open nostril. Once your eyes, mouth, and one nostril are closed, open a container of peanut butter at the bottom of the ruler (one foot away from your open nostril). Move the peanut butter closer by 1 centimeter upon each exhale until you can detect the odor. Then, repeat the whole procedure again using your other nostril.

This is exactly what the University of Florida researchers did with their subjects. What did they find? The normal elderly control subjects in the study smelled the peanut butter as soon as it came within an average of 18 centimeters (about 7 inches) from either nostril. It was about the same, roughly 7 inches, in the right nostrils of Alzheimer’s patients. But in their left nostrils, it was a mere 2 inches! The peanut butter had to be only 2 inches away before the Alzheimer’s patients could detect it through their left nostrils. This happened every single time. Indeed, the researchers found that a “left nostril impairment of odor detection was present in all the patients with probable AD.” There was no left-right difference in the control group; they could smell the peanut butter when it was the same distance away from both their left and right nostrils. In the Alzheimer’s group, however, there was a 12-centimeter difference.

The disparity was so great that we may be able to set a cutoff value for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. The researchers reported that “[c]ompared to patients with other causes of dementia this nostril asymmetry of odor detection…was 100% sensitive and 100% specific for probable AD,” meaning no false positives and no false negatives. Compared to healthy people, it was 100% sensitive in picking up cases of probable Alzheimer’s and 92% specific. What exactly does that mean? In this study, if you had Alzheimer’s, there was a 100% chance of having that wide left-right discrepancy. But, if you did have that discrepancy, the chance of having Alzheimer’s was only 92%. This means there were some false positives.

The reason it’s only “probable” Alzheimer’s is because the only way we can really confirm someone has the disease is on autopsy. The current criteria for diagnosing Alzheimer’s require an extensive evaluation, combined with fancy positron emission tomography (PET) scans and spinal taps. All of these tests are expensive and hard to get, can be invasive, and can have potential complications. On top of that, they are neither highly sensitive nor specific. The left-right nostril / peanut butter odor detection test, however, was fast, simple, non-invasive, and inexpensive. They concluded that may make peanut butter an ideal instrument for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

Does all this sound a bit too good to be true? It may be. A University of Pennsylvania research team was unable to replicate the results. Click here to read their paper. So, at this point, the data are mixed. I’ll do another post once more studies are published and we have a better handle on whether it’s useful or not.

Of course, it’s better to prevent Alzheimer’s in the first place. Check out these videos for more information.

  • Preventing Alzheimer’s with Lifestyle Changes
  • Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease with Diet
  • Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease With Plants
  • Reducing Glycotoxin Intake to Prevent Alzheimer’s

In health,

Michael Greger, M.D.

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06/10/2017 | Launches New Luxury Brands Category Catering To High-End Shoppers

0 Launches New Luxury Brands Category Catering To High-End Shoppers
Rate this News Launches New Luxury Brands Category Catering To High-End Shoppers, a global leader in online Cash Back shopping, today announced that it has launched a new page, targeted at customers who enjoy shopping for luxury brands.

The Luxury Brands page offers customers easy access for finding their favorite luxury brands while earning Cash Back from a wide variety of stores.

When shopping through the Luxury Brands page, customers can earn Cash Back at their favorite luxury stores and/or brands on every purchase.

Finding great deals is now easier than ever as shoppers can stack specials, coupons and free shipping offers with Cash Back to maximize savings.

This gives customers the ability to save significantly on luxury brands, without sacrificing style for savings. DubLi’s Founder and CEO, Michael Hansen, expressed his thoughts on the new Luxury Brands page stating,

“The addition of this powerful new page, growing our list of beneficial new features, is tailored to a new base of shoppers. Simplifying the ease of access to luxury brands offers superior shopping and savings opportunities for our customers who prefer this type of shopping experience.” is designed to accommodate the interests of a wide variety of shopping preferences and global cultures. The addition of this new page is tailored to those shoppers with a taste for the finer things who are, simultaneously, cost conscious.

This new feature lets high-end shoppers earn Cash Back when shopping at luxury brands from affiliated stores such as Casadei, Diane Von Furstenberg, GILT, Forzieri and more. Updates on the latest sales and discounts are available via email sign-up so shoppers can be the first to hear about the latest available special offers.

This new feature is one of several recently announced for In April, the new VIP Lounge launched, providing members with multiple ways to save on hotel rooms, travel, flights, local shopping, dining services, entertainment and leisure activities – all from one convenient location.

The new Luxury Brands page is another avenue for making smart shopping easier. In addition to discounts and savings offers, VIP Lounge members are also entitled to earn an additional 2% Cash Back on purchases made from the Luxury Brands page, increasing their savings. The Luxury Brands page has launched exclusively in the US, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and the UAE with rollout to other countries planned for the future.

About is an online shopping website that offers shoppers discounts and Cash Back on their purchases. Shopping smarter is easier than ever with additional discounts, deals, and memberships for those looking to save more. The simple and personalized shopping site allows shoppers to choose from over 12,000 stores in 10 languages, and multiple currencies making for a stress-free shopping experience. Be smart, save more, shop DubLi.

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Youngevity Distributors From 8 Countries Attend Asia Launch Event

Youngevity Distributors From 8 Countries Attend Asia Launch Event
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Youngevity Distributors From 8 Countries Attend Asia Launch Event

Youngevity International, Inc. (OTCQX: YGYID) revealed that it held its first ever Asia Convention.

The event made possible via Youngevity’s recent acquisition of BellaVita was attended by corporate staff both from the USA and Asia along with hundreds of Youngevity Distributors from 8 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong and China.

The convention was held in Taichung, Taiwan where Bellavita and Youngevity distributors came together for the first time to discuss the integration and expansion strategies of the combined companies.

Mike Brosnan, the founder of Bellavita and now the VP of Asia for Youngevity had this to say,

“I have never been prouder to attend an event than what I experienced during our Asia Convention. Our distributors enthusiastically welcomed their integration into the Youngevity Family of Brands.

“Youngevity’s long history as one of the leaders in nutritional products along with the company’s opportunity for growth resonated well with our leadership groups across Asia. It is already apparent that this partnership has made BellaVita and Youngevity infinitely stronger and better positioned to execute our Asia expansion.”

Youngevity launched an exciting new product branded Te`Vita. Te`Vita is 100% organic, handpicked, whole olive-leaf tea from Abruzzo, Italy. Abruzzo is considered the “green heart” of Italy.

Youngevity CEO Steve Wallach Said,

“Now that we have fully staffed offices across Asia and inventory moving into all our markets we anticipate strong and sustainable growth in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.”

Protected and nourished by the Apennine Mountains to the West and the Adriatic coastline to the East, Abruzzo has been known to be one of the most pure and pristine agricultural regions in all the Mediterranean. The product was very well received by all in attendance with shipments of the product beginning immediately.

About Youngevity International, Inc.

Youngevity International, Inc. (OTCQX: YGYID), is a leading omni-direct lifestyle company — offering a hybrid of the direct selling business model, that also offers e-commerce and the power of social selling. Assembling a virtual Main Street of products and services under one corporate entity, Youngevity offers proven products from the six top-selling retail categories: health/nutrition, home/family, food/beverage (including coffee), spa/beauty, apparel/jewelry, as well as innovative services.

The Company was formed during the summer 2011 merger of Youngevity Essential Life Sciences with Javalution® Coffee Company (now part of the company’s food and beverage division).

The resulting company became Youngevity International, Inc. in July 2013. For investor information, please visit For general information on products and services, please visit us at Keep up with our activities by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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Isagenix Recognized By Direct Selling Association As 2017 Top 20 Company

Isagenix Recognized By Direct Selling Association As 2017 Top 20 Company
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Isagenix Recognized By Direct Selling Association As 2017 Top 20 Company

Isagenix International, a global leader in health and wellness products and solutions and Triple A classified by Business For Home, announced today that it has been named by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) to the 2017 DSA Top 20, a prestigious honor bestowed annually on the largest direct selling companies in the United States based on 2016 domestic net sales.

The company recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary in March of 2017, surpassing $5 billion in cumulative global sales since opening in 2012 and launching its 13th market in the U.K. in May of 2017.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized this year at the DSA Annual Event amongst many of our peers in the industry,” said Travis Ogden, Isagenix president and chief operating officer.

“Our employees and associates have worked so hard to earn this recognition, and it’s no accident that we have reached so many amazing milestones in the past year. We look forward to what the future will bring as we continue to share our amazing products and solutions across the world.”

In 2016, Isagenix generated a total output of $2.5 billion while impacting the U.S. GDP by over $1.5 billion and creating an employment impact of nearly 13,500 jobs in the U.S. alone.

“The DSA Top 20 member companies truly are leaders in our industry and should be applauded both for the opportunities they offer millions of Americans and for the significant contributions they make to the economy,” said DSA president Joseph N. Mariano.

“It is my very great honor to congratulate each DSA Top 20 member company; not only for this prestigious recognition, but for the devotion they show day in and day out to their customers and salespeople by virtue of their membership in DSA. They set an example our entire business model should be proud to follow.”

The DSA Top 20 is open exclusively to DSA members and based on the previous year’s sales. Isagenix has been a DSA member since 2007.

A record 20.5 million people were involved in direct selling in the United States in 2016, a 1.5 percent increase from the previous year. Overall estimated direct retail sales of $35.54 billion in 2016 is the second highest in direct selling history. An infographic summarizing the report can be found at

To learn more about Isagenix, visit our website at, subscribe to our blog at, like us on Facebook at, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Isagenix.

About Isagenix International

Established in 2002, Isagenix provides systems for weight loss, energy, performance, healthy aging, and wealth creation. With more than 550,000 customers worldwide and more than 100 life-changing products, packs, and systems globally, the company is committed to producing Solutions to Transform Lives™. In 2017, Isagenix surpassed $5 billion in cumulative global sales through an independent network of associates in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. Isagenix is a privately owned company with headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona. For more information, visit

About the Direct Selling Association

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is the national trade association for companies that offer entrepreneurial opportunities to independent sellers to market and sell products and services, typically outside of a fixed retail establishment. More than 20 million Americans are involved in direct selling in every state, congressional district, and community in the United States. For more information, visit

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Vasayo First USA Convention Attended by Thousands

Vasayo First USA Convention Attended by Thousands
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Vasayo First USA Convention Attended by Thousands

Vasayo‘s first month in business generated $12+ million in sales.

The company grand opening in Las Vegas, USA attracted thousands of distributors

Founded January 2017, Lehi, Utah–based Vasayo formulates and distributes nutrition and wellness products featuring Advanced (liposome) Delivery Technology through its independent Brand Partners.

With a company tagline of “Delivering Solutions,” the company is in business to provide better results through superior delivery — whether it’s an innovative delivery system for their products or the extra care invested in a successful customer experience.

“The only products you will see come to market under the Vasayo name are ones that deliver results more effectively than alternatives in the marketplace,” said CEO Dallin Larsen.

Vasayo announced its partnership with Hearts and Hands for Humanity, a charitable organization providing clean water to communities in Africa using an innovative new tool: the Center Earth Drill.

“Our mutual goal is to establish 1,000 wells providing clean water to 1 million people,”

said Dallin A. Larsen, Vasayo Founder.

“Once we achieve this milestone, we will set another and continue providing this precious, life-giving resource to those who struggle each day without it. A safe water supply and adequate sanitation to protect health are among the basic human rights”.

“We’re not simply thinking about or planning to provide clean water; we already have a proven system that is ready to scale,”

said Verlyn Harris, Cofounder of Hearts and Hands for Humanity.

“In the past four years, we’ve been able to establish 200 water wells that provide clean water to 200,000 people. With Vasayo as our partner, we hope to rapidly accelerate our progress and make a significant positive impact on this epidemic.”

100 percent of donations from Vasayo go toward providing clean water.

“We believe our lives will be defined by how we made them meaningful, and I have every confidence that our partnership with Hearts and Hands for Humanity is meaningful, to say the least, and will bless many lives for generations to come,” said Larsen.

Vasayo Opening

About Vasayo

Founded January 2017, Lehi, Utah–based Vasayo formulates and distributes nutrition and wellness products featuring Advanced (liposome) Delivery Technology through its independent Brand Partners.

The company’s brand centers on its motto of Delivering Solutions, and strives to innovate in each of its 5 Pillars—leadership, product/science, timing, rewards, and philanthropy. Visit for more information.

06/09/2017 |

5Linx co-founders set to appear in federal court for fraud scheme

5Linx co-founders set to appear in federal court for fraud scheme
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Rochester, NY — The three executives of the Rochester based marketing company 5Linx who were charged with wire fraud in a multi-million dollar fraud scheme are set to appear in federal court today.

Police say Jason Guck, Craig Jerebeck and Jeb Tyler collectively diverted $4 million from 5Linx into their own personal bank accounts. All three individuals also face conspiracy charges.

Starting in 2001, Jerabeck served as president and CEO, while Guck and Tyler were vice presidents at the company.

Jerabeck, Tyler, and Guck are accused of withholding information about the three running the fake shell companies from investors individually and collectively. Inaccurate corporate financial documents were issued that significantly understated the company’s available cash as a result.

If convicted, they could spend up to 20 years in federal prison.

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06/08/2017 |

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