Direct Selling Momentum Ranks April 2015

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks April 2015
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Direct Selling Momentum Ranks April 2015


What is Momentum?

Momentum is the magic of Direct Selling – MLM – Network Marketing. You need a lot of “Momentum” in your Direct Selling career. Momentum is hard to build, and easy to lose….

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Professionals are looking for momentum to join a new opportunity when they are in the market for a career switch.

Corporate executives or field leaders can create momentum. It represents that important element which transforms individuals, groups, and teams into that unstoppable force. Distributor groups are growing fast and are highly successfull. It can happen when:

  • A new company or product(s) launches.
  • Successfull corporate executive or field leaders are coming in.
  • New countries are opening.
  • (International) conventions are held.

We have compiled this momentum list based on a number of key indicators, such as Facebook “Talking About”, Alexa Rankings, social media engagement, our polls, and a number of undisclosed key indicators as we do not want “copy cats” steal our exclusive momentum algorithms.

We do not endorse any company, we just put a thermometer in the “buzz”. That are the:

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks Top 100

1Jeunesse GlobalUnited States
2Alliance In MotionPhilippines
3YouniqueUnited States
4IsagenixUnited States
5Mega HoldingsHong Kong SAR China
6WorldVenturesUnited States
7Seacret DirectUnited States
8Magnessa EnterprisesIndia
9MyDailyChoiceUnited States
10Total Life ChangesUnited States
11Talk FusionUnited States
12VemmaUnited States
13WOR(l)D GNUnited States
14The Limu CompanyUnited States
15Color Me BeautifulUnited States
16ZijaUnited States
17ViSalus SciencesUnited States
18JavitaUnited States
19Nerium InternationalUnited States
20ZriiUnited States
21Ambit EnergyUnited States
22Tyra Banks CosmeticsUnited States
234Life ResearchUnited States
24Healthy CoffeeUnited States
25ARIIXUnited States
26OmnitritionUnited States
27Style Dots LLCUnited States
28Four OceansUnited States
29Monavie – MyntUnited States
31Pure RomanceUnited States
32Olympic IdeaUnited States
33Telecom Plus – Utility WarehouseUnited Kingdom
34Plexus WorldwideUnited States
35Origami OwlUnited States
36Stella & DotUnited States
37ScentsyUnited States
38Laguna BlendsCanada
39SoZo GlobalUnited States
40Jamberry NailsUnited States
41QSciencesUnited States
425LinxUnited States
44Take Shape For LifeUnited States
45VisiUnited States
46Become InternationalUnited States
47BioceuticaUnited States
48ACNUnited States
50Xooma WorldwideUnited States
52USANAUnited States
53Organo GoldCanada
54For Tails OnlyUnited States
55Empower NetworkUnited States
56Four Corners AllianceUnited States
57Passion PartiesUnited States
58ShakleeUnited States
59Life ShotzUnited States
60Le-VelUnited States
61It Works! GlobalUnited States
62AmeriPlan USAUnited States
63PM InternationalGermany
64Jordan EssentialsUnited States
65Chloe and IsabelUnited States
66Immunotec ResearchCanada
67ASEAUnited States
68AmwayUnited States
69Ava AndersonUnited States
70Lemongrass Spa Pr.United States
71TruVision HealthUnited States
72Perfectly PoshUnited States
74Lulu AvenueUnited States
75Regal WareUnited States
76SeneGenceUnited States
77JuuvaUnited States
78Engage GlobalUnited States
79XanGoUnited States
80Traveling VineyardUnited States
81Close To My HeartUnited States
82Pink PapayaUnited States
83Life VantageUnited States
84Juice Plus+United States
85Life WaveUnited States
86YoungevityUnited States
87ZurvitaUnited States
88XyngularUnited States
89Legal ShieldUnited States
90Shopping SherlockUnited States
91Steeped TeaCanada
92Primerica Financial ServicesUnited States
93Mia Bath & BodyUnited States
94HerbalifeUnited States
95YOR HealthUnited States
96Mary KayUnited States
97CabiUnited States
98Simply SaidUnited States
99Ava Gray DirectUnited States
100Thirty One GiftsUnited States

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