How To Build Momentum In Direct Selling – Network Marketing

How To Build Momentum In Direct SellingNetwork Marketing
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How To Build Momentum In Direct Selling – Network Marketing


Success unshared is failure…

Momentum is the “holy grail” of Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Direct Selling.

Momentum is hard to build, and easy to lose…. Corporate executives or field leaders can create momentum.

It represents that important element which transforms individuals, groups, and teams into that unstoppable force. Distributor groups are growing fast and are very successfull.

The question we often get is: How do we do that?

The answer:  – Share (medium) rank advancements – and then not only with your group or company but with the world through press releases / write ups. We have noticed companies or leaders who do that grow much faster then others we are more “under the radar” for what ever reason.

In a press release / write up it is important to explain how a distributor “did it”  and to highlight his personal story. Rank advancements write ups without added value for outsiders are less effective.

Many companies share success stories with their distributors, few however share it through press releases or the Business For Home website, those we do grow faster…

A couple of effective rank advancement press releases are:

  • Total Life Changes’ Reps Reaching Rank & Achieving Product Results
  • Mohammed Eid Reaches Vice President With DubLi Network
  • Tri Tran Hits Diamond in Seacret Direct
  • Indonesian Talk Fusion Associate Climbs the Ranks in a Single Day
  • Trish and Bob Schwenkler Hit Ambassador Triple Diamond In ASEA
  • LIMU Announces Another Major Rank Advancement
  • Andrea Gebhardt – Javita Hits Black Diamond
  • Carl And Kathy LaMarr Are Isagenix’ Newest Millionaires

If you have an awesome rank advancement story please send it to, it might qualify for a publication, and to reach 100,000+ subscribers and 4 million annual visitors :)

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