Million Dollar Interview with Adam Green

Million Dollar Interview with Adam Green
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Million Dollar Interview with Adam Green

Join Eric Worre and Million Dollar Earner Adam Green for an insider’s look at how Adam became such a high level earner in the network marketing profession by the age of 26. Listen to Adam’s story as he shares of his biggest influences, growing up in a networking household, and what led him to believe Network Marketing was a better way.

Adam grew up with entrepreneurial parents who ran their own businesses and set their own hours and that influenced him greatly in his own career goals. Adam, and all of his siblings went to college and received college degrees, but after making only $25-30k a year and working all kinds of weird hours in his chosen profession, he decided it wasn’t the best plan long term. He had enough foresight at a very young age to be open to network marketing and the earning potential with that career choice.

Adam further tells of his selection process in choosing which network marketing company to go with, and how he wanted to be 100% about it. He tells of disappointing his mom because he didn’t want to partner with his parents – at first… but he eventually came around and decided that is was best choice. And his next move was to quit his regular job and make network marketing his full-time profession.

Over the next year, Adam worked hard not only building his business and expanding out of his comfort zone, but he worked on his mental mindset and breaking out of his self-limiting beliefs. He attended the company convention and Bob Proctor was the keynote speaker, and that was the real game changer for him. He was still very young, only 22 or 23 at the time, yet he know that if he was going to be a leader, and be able to lead older people, he needed to carry himself bigger and bolder. The momentum of his business took off from there…

Since that time, Adam has gone on to create a highly successful network marketing business, and has recently written a book called 25 to Life… This book is a belief building tool written by a young millennial who made different choices than other Millennials, how those choices have made a better way. Watch this 48-minute interview and get inspired by this young man’s tenacity, drive and positive mental outlook.

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