Million Dollar Interview with Armand Puyolt

Million Dollar Interview with Armand Puyolt
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Million Dollar Interview with Armand Puyolt

In this week’s show, Eric Worre interviews million-dollar earner Armand Puyolt. Armand’s journey to become a Network Marketing Professional has been an exciting, yet non-traditional route to becoming a professional and top earner in his company.

At a young age, Armand was motivated to help his family and earn money. His family was not wealthy, nor even moderately comfortably, they were poor and times were tough. He started selling candy out of his backpack to the kids at school as a way to help his mom and family. That eventually led him to selling products (sometimes door-to-door) for a network marketing company, and by the age of 16 he was recognized at the company event for being one of the largest sales producers. However, no one had actually told nor explained to Armand what network marketing was, he just knew that he had product to sell, and it was making him money. He was on stage at the annual company event explaining to an audience of his peers how he was able to do so much in sales, when he realized that everyone was looking at him very skeptically regarding his approach… he left the stage not feeling good about his accomplishment, but rather dejected. It was at that event when he met a man who explained network marketing to him. And that was the game changer…

Since that time, Armand has gone on to become one of the most recognized leaders in his company and the profession. He has created a massive team of people who focus on not only selling products, but also working the business effectively. He has risen to become the highest earner in his company, and is recognized throughout the Network Marketing profession as a true industry leader and million-dollar earner.

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