Million Dollar Interview with Nicola Domini

Million Dollar Interview with Nicola Domini
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Million Dollar Interview with Nicola Domini

In this week’s Million Dollar Interview, Eric interviews Italian Multi-Millionaire, Nicola Domini in Vienna. Before Network Marketing, Nicola was living in “modern slavery” as he calls it, and working in a bank for 15 hours a day. He was great at his job, a financial planner for 10 years, but was determined to get out of the rat race and create a passive income for himself!

Nicola went searching for the best way to find his freedom and he sought out Network Marketing after reading the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. In comparison to other businesses, he knew that Network Marketing was very low risk and saw this profession as fun, not work. In 2011, Nicola started his Network Marketing business and 6 months later quit his banking job.

Nicola’s biggest secret to success is obsession. Obsession is what caused him to have laser focus and drive to obtain the freedom he sought. For him, it was better to dive in and figure it out than play the careful route. In his school days, he was told he should just be a factory worker. His entrepreneurial mindset allowed him to look at his teacher and say to himself, “You’re not a millionaire and it is better to listen to millionaires if that’s what I want to be.” He found new teachers, millionaire teachers, and started reading, training and learning.

Nicola points out that if he gets criticized, it pushes him more. Another part of his success was using “blinders” so he didn’t allow himself to get distracted. He wouldn’t think about his future all the time, he focused on the day ahead of him. He pushed forward, full speed ahead. He uses the analogy that an aircraft does not take off at 10%, it takes off at 100% and at full speed ahead. Using this mindset has allowed him to obtain the freedom that he worked so hard to get.

In the process of growing in his business and growing as a person he began to think beyond himself. He developed a passion for building up his network, contributing and helping other leaders obtain their goals. Network Marketing has become such an incredible passion of his that despite making enough money to retire, he chooses to stay in the Network Marketing profession. Nicola is making an incredible 300 thousand Euros a month and in total well over 4 million Euros a year.

In conclusion, Nicola shares three of his top books that have helped him grow the most in Network Marketing. He learned valuable lessons that left a huge impact on his life allowing him to think big. Nicola shares that he wants to make his own story and wants to continue to learn and grow because that’s his motivation. He says, if you want to change your life you don’t have to study 10 hours a day, you have to read 30 pages a day. Small steps and small decisions build momentum and allow success to be easy.

Nicola shares advice that in order to build your team, you seek out people who share the same entrepreneurial mindset. This is how you get the best and top leaders within your business. Nicola also encourages people to work very hard, but always reward yourself in the end. Success doesn’t happen in a few days or even a year, it’s the continued effort that allows the financial freedom to come into your life.

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