OneCoin Appoints Ed Ludbrook as Chief Learning Officer

OneCoin Appoints Ed Ludbrook as Chief Learning Officer
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OneCoin Appoints Ed Ludbrook as Chief Learning Officer


Top Network Marketing trainer Ed Ludbrook is appointed as OneCoin’s Chief Learning Officer.

According to his website:

Ed is considered the world authority on leadership in Direct Sales/Network Marketing and is ranked 23 in the world’s top 30 leadership gurus in 2008

He is the founder and President of the Direct Sales University, the worlds Direct Sales Leadership organisation

For 15 years he has advised field leaders and company executives in more than 30 countries and over 100 companies on the specialist subject of leading direct sales network organisations. As the Direct Sales environment is unique and traditional leadership approaches have proven ineffective, he developed and recently launched his 100% Leadership approach to Direct Sales leadership.

Ed is Europe’s leading Direct Sales/MLM author and conference speaker who has sold 2million books and audios in 20 languages. His key conference speech on his vision of the future of the industry has inspired audiences from Iceland to Indonesia.

Ed has achieved the highest leadership position in a Direct Sales company and senior leadership positions in four Direct Sales companies, including Chairman of two public companies. He writes the popular Direct Sales blog/newsletter ‘100% Leadership’ and has been published regularly in industry magazines across the world.


He is a specialist on Direct Sales Learning Systems, especially e-learning, and is the CEO of the 100% Success Institute, a global Direct Sales elearning & development company


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