OneCoin Launches New Blockchain

OneCoin Launches New Blockchain
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OneCoin Launches New Blockchain


In an official press release OneCoin announced earlier today that it has successfully launched a new and greatly enhanced blockchain in front of over 10,000 people at the OneLife Mastermind event in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The new OneCoin blockchain is safer, faster and tailored for future-proof mass transactions in line with the company’s vision to create a mass market for OneCoin and to become the biggest cryptocurrency in terms of number of users and market capitalization.

The new OneCoin blockchain is a giant step forward in the company’s strategic development. Increasing the total amount of mineable OneCoins from 10 000 coins per block in the old blockchain to 50,000 coins per block in the new blockchain, adding up to a total of 120 billion coins, allow OneCoin to expand its user base and turn its plans for creating a strong global merchant network into a reality.

“We do not expect a steep price movement after October 1st. Cryptocurrency value is driven by supply and demand – and demand is driven by brand and usability. By doubling the coins, we will be able to bring the coin to more people and places and strengthen the brand.

Also, doubling the coins will allow us to start including merchants to use the coin – which will take us into a new league of cryptocurrency – becoming the first-choice cryptocurrency for merchants. These developments are extremely exciting and will make our coin the global leader in the cryptic market”,

said Ruja Ignatova, OneCoin Founder and Visionary, who pointed out the crucial security and speed changes to the blockchain.

To reinforce its goal of being transparent and honest in its dealings, OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency company to store know-your-customer (KYC) documents on its blockchain thus preventing anonymity of transactions and any possible attempts to use OneCoins as a means for criminal activity.

The company’s commitment to growth and improvement is also notable in its efforts to help cryptocurrency users make payments even faster. Hence the new OneCoin blockchain will run every single minute as opposed to the old blockchain, which yielded blocks every 10 minutes.

All strategic steps that OneCoin made so far ensure the global usage of the coin by both businesses and users. Thus the next milestone before OneCoin will be to position it as the best cryptocurrency for merchants because of its instant, simple and safe transfer of funds.

The first definite step in that direction being the OneLife Mobile App Builder also presented at the OneLife Mastermind event today. The Mobile App Builder (MAB) gives small and medium businesses (SME) the opportunity to build their own business app that will help them grow their business and communicate directly with their customers. Read more about the event at the OneLife website.

As one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, OneCoin recognizes its responsibility to show the right business direction and comply with the regulators, while making its cryptocurrency accessible for all people worldwide. Among other things, this means that the company sets high standards in terms of transparency and responsibility in a young, highly competitive and unregulated industry. 

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  • She doubled the coins for the members (not “users” as they like to say), but she hyper inflated the (pseudo) currency by 57x from 2.1B to 120B. Oh yeah, and the new “Blockchain” is a 19€ Shuutterstock looped video. Have fun scamming all!

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